Cloudcell Technologies partners with Ice Comms to “transform customer’s lives”

Posted on: June 13, 2022 at 1:00 pm

Over the last few years, the number of people working from home has skyrocketed. For many businesses, this has brought the challenges of slow, unreliable, and unsecure internet connectivity, resulting in organisations unable to work effectively, or even able to reach their own customers, with those living and running businesses in rural areas being the worst hit.

We recognise that every organisation should have access to secure, consistent, and readily available internet, which is exactly why we partnered with Ice Comms

Who are we?

At Cloudcell Technologies, our goal is to help businesses of all sizes have the connectivity they need. With Cloudcell EQ, our hybrid broadband and 4G solution, we provide fast, cost-effective, and reliable broadband to organisations in the hardest to reach areas.

It’s a fully managed SDWAN based connectivity platform, that supports the growing dependency on cloud-based services for employee productivity and communication.

Working in collaboration

Our experienced team is committed to supporting collaborative partnerships with our resellers; helping them retain customers by providing a superior broadband solution, win new business by delivering fast reliable broadband (without the lead times of traditional broadband providers), as well as driving resellers incremental revenue.

Ideal solution

Cloudcell EQ is ideal for resellers including: WISPS and IT, Telecoms and tech companies, and it works best when fixed or standard broadband isn’t available, or if the ECCs (excess construction charges) are too expensive.

It can also provide excellent disaster recovery, if a line is present but goes down, or as reliable interim broadband, if a lease line is delayed.

We support a vast range of customers with Cloudcell EQ as it’s well suited to rural or residential homeowners, rural businesses and business parks facing connectivity issues.

We have also assisted TV broadcasters, care homes, veterinary and healthcare practices, bars and vendors at festivals or pop-up events, as well as transport, including vans, fleets, ships, docklands and construction sites all over the country.

Our partnership with market leader, Ice Comms

After seeing our ad in Comms Dealer, market leader Ice Comms approached us as they were keen to bring in innovative tech for their customers.

After initial meetings, we provided their staff with full training and support, and began working with Ice Comms across 9 sites, as well as supporting them at big events, including the NEC Care Home Exhibition.

After working well together for nearly a year, the business is still growing and our solutions are performing well, and their customers are saving money.

Ice Comms’ Sales Director, Simon Bade said:

“We have seen great success with this offering, with clients in a variety of sectors, such as rural farms to kitchen showrooms. When we receive feedback stating this solution has transformed their lives, it really shows how powerful this can be as a business tool.

“It was clear that the solution really helps us support our clients both in the short term, and interestingly for us as a long-term alternative to under the ground lease line options.

“The team at Cloudcell are on hand to offer support, advice and provide feedback quickly on viable options for our end users. The knowledge and confidence that they have in their products is very reassuring when allowing this to form part of our everyday offerings and portfolio.

“We are very pleased to be working closely with Cloudcell to provide our clients with cellular connectivity solutions and see this partnership growing significantly over the coming year.”

Benefits of being a reseller

Cloudcell EQ is essential for providing fast, reliable broadband. By becoming a reseller of the Cloudcell EQ platform, you are able to drive a recurring revenue stream through the provision of broadband services. As well as close business and generate revenue without any dependency on the uncertain lead times of traditional broadband providers.

Resellers are able to set end-user pricing, providing them with the flexibility to bundle broadband services with an existing portfolio, or give a cross-sell opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of the Cloudcell EQ platform or would like to explore the benefits of our reseller program further, call us today on 03330 049 444.