Struggling with poor connectivity?

Better broadband without excess construction charges

According to OFCOM and the UK Government over 500,000 SMEs in the UK do not have access to decent broadband, with those based on business parks and in rural locations disproportionately affected. With a rapidly growing dependency on cloud-based services and hybrid-working set to continue, the demand for reliable, high-quality connectivity has never been greater. Poor broadband holds businesses back, preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Put simply … better broadband means better business productivity.

Getting Connected

Who is this solution for?

Suitable for businesses in any location, Cloudcell EQ Business Broadband comes with uptime protection and business continuity built-in and is available with contract terms to suit any business.

Ideal for customers

  • Businesses waiting for delivery of fixed broadband
  • Continuity between broadband contracts
  • Temporary or transient business locations
  • Pop up retail or hospitality
  • Events, exhibitions, and festivals
  • Businesses moving premises
  • And more…

What are the benefits?

Five reasons why you should choose a Cloudcell EQ fibre alternative

Uptime protection

The hot failover technology built into CloudcellEQ means your business stays connected, in the event of a network outage or the loss of a link, maximising broadband uptime.


Our team of mobile experts use a range of class-leading antennas, and hot failover technology, to maximise 4G speed and availability, keeping businesses connected, even in areas where mobile coverage is poor.

Fully managed

A fibre alternative that scales for any size business, in any location. Choose the router most suited to your user, throughput, and application requirements.


Our range of Cloudcell EQ edge installation options, allows our solution to scale for any size business, in any location.

Rapid Installation

Cloudcell EQ installations can be completed in under 48 hours, connecting businesses without unnecessary delay.