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High-Speed Marine Connectivity Guaranteed To Reduce Your Data Costs & Boost Staff Wellbeing

How we help

Super-fast and reliable marine connectivity you can trust at sea, on land, any time, anywhere

The marine sector needs rapid, reliable and guaranteed connectivity, whether it is at sea or in port. Remotely manage your fleet and assets with our high-performance, robust and reliable marine connectivity solution. Enable remote sensor-driven monitoring and digitalisation across your fleet. Support the happiness and wellbeing of your onboard teams, connecting them seamlessly to their friends and family. With Cloudcell Technologies, in conjunction with our partners at Peplink and Starlink, we utilise a range of Starlink, cellular and hybrid solutions to provide you with enterprise-grade connectivity and voice services in any location, at sea or in port.

What we do

Connectivity built for the marine sector

Communicate, connect and collaborate with your fleet like never before with super- fast and reliable connectivity, video & voice services built specifically for the unique needs of the marine sector.

Maritime Broadband & Wi-Fi

High-speed internet access and Wi-Fi, connecting your ships and teams to vital tools, systems and loved ones.

High-Speed, Low Latency

Through a blend of cellular, Starlink and GEO connectivity solutions, Cloudcell Technologies delivers high-speed (up to 220/20 Mbps) low latency internet.

Starlink & Peplink

As Peplink gold partners, we include fully-managed and supported Starlink as part of your bespoke best-in-class connectivity solution.


Complete 24/7 support, from conception, through to installation and beyond, our team of marine experts are on hand to ensure uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity.

Starlink – Powered By Peplink

About us

Who are Cloudcell?

Founded in 2015, Cloudcell Technologies have rapidly become one of the recognised leaders delivering robust, high-speed connectivity to challenging locations across the UK and Internationally. We have the expertise, technology and know-how to deliver unrivalled marine connectivity 24/7, at sea and on shore. We pride ourselves on our service excellence, constantly exceeding our customers connectivity expectations. If you’re looking for a connectivity partner you can trust, you’re in safe hands.    

Why Cloudcell?

Reasons to choose us

We’re 100% dedicated to helping the marine sector access the best connectivity solutions, with 24/7 customer service and connectivity management built-in as standard.

Speak to one of our marine connectivity experts today about your fleet.

  1. Super-fast speed (220/20 Mbps) & Low Latency (av. 35 ms)

  2. Harness the best of cellular, Starlink & GEO connectivity

  3. Reduce your data costs by up to 70%