EQ Solutions

Turbo-charge your connectivity

Fibre Alternative Broadband

Bonding 4G LTE/5G with fixed broadband connections to provide a superfast connection. A great alternative to an expensive FTTP.

Ideal for…

  • Businesses or homes experiencing poor connectivity from a fibre-line
  • Continuity of connection
  • Rural locations where FTTP is cost-prohibitive
  • Extra bandwidth

power-up your connectivity

5G Broadband

Get ahead with the power of 5G broadband. Promising super-fast speeds to rival any fibre line, get connected with the UK’s best 5G and build a business powered by the fastest, game-changing connectivity available in select locations in the UK

Ideal for…

  • Businesses in eligible 5G locations
  • Cloud-based businesses

temporary connectivity without strings

Interim Broadband & WiFi

Get set up with a superfast connection in as little as 48 hours. For when you simply want a temporary solution. Great for events, during office moves and temporary sites.

Ideal for…

  • Construction Sites
  • Temporary or transient business locations
  • Pop up retail or hospitality
  • Events, exhibitions, and festivals
  • Broadcasting

temporary connectivity whilst you wait

Pre-Ethernet Broadband

Have you ordered a leased line for fixed broadband but now need a temporary connection fast? Our pre-ethernet solution is ideal for when you simply can’t wait.

Ideal for…

  • Businesses waiting for delivery of fixed broadband
  • Continuity between broadband contracts
  • Temporary or transient business locations
  • Businesses moving premises

Better broadband without excess charges

4G/5G Wireless Broadband

Use 4G LTE/5G technology to boost bandwidth for improved productivity and performance in homes and businesses seeking an alternative primary connection. Suitable for businesses in any location.

Ideal for…

  • Businesses seeking improved productivity/performance
  • Those seeking an alternative to a traditional leased-line
  • Where Fibre isn’t available or working
  • Anyone experiencing a poor primary connection
  • Rural businesses seeking a primary connection

PROTECT your connectivity

Business Continuity

Protect your connectivity today; get class-leading, reliable connectivity with automatic hot failover to keep you or your business connected 24/7. Say “no” to poor and dropping connectivity and boost your productivity and performance.

Ideal for…

  • Businesses seeking guaranteed connectivity
  • Retail or hospitality using EPOS
  • Cloud-based and SMART businesses
  • Pop up retail, events or hospitality
  • Shared Offices
  • Broadcasting and Media

Customer testimonials

Hear what our reseller customers have to say

Cloudcell are committed to delivering a great customer experience and provide reliable connectivity solutions. In a world where there is growing demand for guaranteed business-grade connectivity, we couldn’t have secured or delivered the project without it and are excited about the potential to expand the offering to serve other customers as a Cloudcell Reseller Partner.

Rupert Handley
Five star rating
Rupert Handley
Director, Integrated Business Telecoms

We have seen great success with the Cloudcell EQ offering. We are very pleased to be working closely with Cloudcell to provide our clients with cellular connectivity solutions, and see this partnership growing significantly over the coming year.

Simon Bade
Five star rating
Simon Bade
Sales Director, Ice Comms