Be ready for change when you least expect it

Research from OFCOM shows that the current approach to business continuity adopted by SMEs, a second fixed connection, is fundamentally flawed. The second connection is typically provided using the same Openreach infrastructure and subject to the same issues, at the same time. In a world of growing dependency on connectivity, the CloudcellEQ Business Continuity solution provides business with the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to 24/7 connectivity.


Getting Connected

Who is this solution for?

In the likely event of an outage or an unacceptable deterioration in the performance of a broadband connection, Cloudcell EQ Business Continuity provides a completely independent uptime protection and business continuity solution, by automatically routing data over 4G LTE and 5G networks until the primary connection recovers, maintaining general employee productivity, and preserving business critical operations

Ideal for businesses

  • In need of 24/7 connectivity
  • With business critical operations reliant on digital operations or infrastructure
  • Experiencing outages or unreliable connections
  • Cloud-based businesses
  • Using digital EPOS or payment processing
  • Preparing for future outages or disruption
  • And more…

What are the benefits?

Five reasons why you should choose a Cloudcell EQ business continuity solution


The hot failover technology built into CloudcellEQ means your business stays connected, in the event of a network outage or the loss of a link, maximising broadband uptime.

Fully managed

CloudcellEQ is provided as a fully managed service, backed by our extensive Service Level Agreement.

Scalable and Bespoke

A fibre alternative that scales for any size business, in any location. Choose the router most suited to your user, throughput, and application requirements.

Professionally installed

All installations are performed, rapidly, by a fully qualified engineer. We will consult with you extensively on the best position for your CloudcellEQ router.

Icon of a network comprised ircles connected by lines

Bandwidth bonding

CloudcellEQ is designed to help anyone in any location, from those who can’t rely on a fibre connection in a city to those in rural areas.