No delays

Get connected from anywhere in under 48 hours

Are you looking for rapidly deployed fast, reliable broadband? The CloudcellEQ Interim Broadband solution is specially designed for organisations of all sizes, in any location, looking for a short term, resilient high quality broadband service, backed by an extensive Service Level Agreement.

Getting Connected

Who is this solution for?

CloudcellEQ Interim Broadband is provided as a fully managed service, available on a rolling one-month contract. Designed to provide a temporary basic internet connection or a temporary, enterprise-grade service with Quality of Service and fixed IP addresses, CloudcellEQ Interim Broadband is suitable for any size business, in any location.

Ideal for businesses…

  • Waiting on delivery of fixed broadband
  • Seeking continuity between broadband contracts
  • In temporary or transient business locations
  • Involved with pop-up retail or hospitality
  • Attending or hosting events, exhibitions, and festivals
  • In the process of moving premises
  • And more…

What are the benefits?

Six reasons why you should choose Cloudcell EQ

Rapid deployment

CloudcellEQ can be installed in as little as 48 hours. Ideal for businesses seeking fast temporary broadband or waiting for a leased line.

Reliable Broadband

Exploiting multiple cellular connections, SIM redundancy and hot failover technology, we can keep your business connected 24/7.

Scalable and Bespoke

All our solutions are scalable and designed to match your unique connectivity requirements.

Dedicated Support to keep you connected

Provided as a fully managed service, minimising capital expenditure and providing ultimate peace of mind.

Icon of a network comprised ircles connected by lines

Location agnostic.
Connect anywhere

CloudcellEQ is designed to help anyone in any location, from those who can’t rely on a fibre connection in a city to those in rural areas.

*Fantastic Speeds*

Whether using 4G LTE, 5G or a bonded solution, you can expect fantastic performance.