Stabilising Careys connectivity when in-house initiatives were unsuccessful

Posted on: November 7, 2022 at 9:22 pm
Man, an electrical technician working in a switchboard with fuses, uses a tablet.



Careys are a leading UK civil engineering group that specialise in large building projects, both as a prime contractor, and subcontractor.

They have multiple sites up and down the UK.


At the time of contact, Careys were under contract with another connectivity supplier that provided them with Viprinet equipment and O2/Vodafone SIM cards.

When using this equipment, Careys experienced a number of issues, including poor speed and reliability across all sites, large data bills, and signal interference due to flooded towers.

On top of this, the provider then went out of business.

In response, Careys did attempt multiple in-house initiatives, but none were successful, leaving them with an unsupported solution.

Our Solution

Following an initial site visit and consultations, the Cloudcell team devised an approach that would solve Careys’ onsite connectivity challenges.

Firstly, we recommended a dual-bonded approach using the Peplink Transit-Duo.

We tested that our solution would work in advance through the use of external antennas.

We included unlimited SIMS on all UK networks to provide the best and most reliable connectivity available.

AP1 was used to provide coverage across multiple offices.

We utilised best-in-class Poynting XPOL 2 4G antennae to ensure a stable connection.

After considering our proposal alongside a number of other providers, Careys chose Cloudcell as their connectivity partner.


Careys were delighted with the performance of our solutions, as well as our professionalism, technical knowledge, and bespoke advice.

By using a dual SIM solution combined with a directional antenna, we stood out from the other providers. We were able to ensure a reliable connection backed up by cutting-edge technology.

We continue to work with Careys and have since evolved their solution, installing 5G equipment that currently delivers between 5 and 15 times the speeds of their previous Viprinet solution.

“Before engaging with Cloudcell, we had a poor and unreliable connectivity service from an existing provider. Since switching to Cloudcell, we have been impressed by the speed of their service and transparent communications from beginning to end. We now have a high quality and reliable internet connection we can trust.”

Qasim Sudi, ICT Support Analyst, The Careys Group