Integrated Business Telecoms: Winning new business by providing continuity with CloudcellEQ

Posted on: November 7, 2022 at 8:41 pm


“Cloudcell’s expertise and flexible approach, combined with a track-record of being able to deliver large-scale fully-managed connectivity solutions for business grade voice and data services, secured our trust and made us feel at ease about delivering the project. They are committed to delivering a great customer experience and provide reliable connectivity solutions.

In a world where there is growing demand for guaranteed business-grade connectivity, we
couldn’t have secured or delivered the project without it and are excited about the potential to expand the offering to serve other customers as a Cloudcell Reseller Partner.”

Rupert Handley, Integrated Business Telecoms

The Need

IBT (Integrated Business Telecoms) needed to find a reliable and interim connectivity solution to
secure a new contract to roll out a fully managed MPLS service, covering 185 sites nationwide, for
a national Charity. When using several traditional service providers, IBT had experienced
significant challenges in providing continuity of service to clients:

  1. There was often a period between the old supplier service terminating and the new servicebeing made available. During this time the customer had no service. This was a business-critical issue for IBT’s customer.
  2. Coordinating any physical office moves was problematic due to untimely delivery of connectivity services

IBT needed to demonstrate to their customer they could minimise disruption and provide the
required continuity to deliver the contract and ensure there would be no loss of service.

The Solution

Cloudcell provided the strategic opportunity for IBT to offer CloudcellEQ as an enterprise-grade
connectivity solution – demonstrating the reliability, expertise and track-record needed to secure
such a complex and sizable migration project. Whilst at the same time providing the expert
teams, and flexible working approach, needed to enable rapid delivery of a large-scale interim
connectivity solution, complete with Fixed IP routing (FIP), supporting both site moves and the

The Benefit

Partnering with Cloudcell resulted in the smooth and successful win and delivery of the
contract. Through our ongoing advice and proactive support, we have increased the
potential for IBT to replicate CloudcellEQ as a valuable connectivity solution – offering it out
as standalone connectivity cross-sell to existing customers or, using it to overcome
connectivity delay concerns that have historically been a barrier to the purchase of other
products or services.