Rapidly installed interim connectivity when all else fails

Posted on: November 7, 2022 at 8:27 pm


“Our school relies heavily on the internet and broadband to be fully operational. Cloudcell
impressed us with their ability to swiftly deploy high-quality broadband and we were thankful for the flexibility to use it on an only interim basis. Great customer service and super broadband performance.”

Anonymous Head Teacher, Primary School


One of our Reseller Partners engaged us to provide a rapid interim connectivity solution for a
local School left with no broadband solution for the start of the new term.

The Need

A local school needed to urgently find an alternative broadband solution for the critical start
of term. The school were due to have a fibre delivered by Virgin before the start of term, but
the deployment was delayed, and they couldn’t deliver the fibre in time. Leaving them with
only a single DSL line at 2MB to support 41 staff and over 200 pupils.

The Solution

After confirming detailed requirements for the school via the Reseller and conducting a site
visit, we provided a rapid resolution for them to run on as an interim measure for nearly 3
months. We delivered an enterprise-grade business solution, with 4 cellular connections –
the biggest and most robust on offer to support the size of the site and volume of users.

To maximise the combined throughput (bandwidth) of the connection we used three primary
providers and maximised the performance of the solution to deliver 100MBPS of bandwidth.

The Benefit

We were able to provide a high capacity (4 LTE connections using 3 Networks) 100 Mbs
throughput solution in less than 5 days, enabling the school to be fully operational at the
start of term to access their content, communicate via email and deliver lessons with digital