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Small businesses are being held back by poor broadband

Posted on: November 26, 2019 at 2:16 pm

The growing dependency on cloud-based services for employee productivity, communications and collaboration, sales order management, customer relationship management, and payment processing means that reliable broadband is a fundamental requirement for small businesses. However, research published by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) suggest that small businesses are being held back by poor broadband.

The findings, revealed in FSB’s new digital infrastructure report Lost Connection, show that a third of firms (33%) are struggling with broadband speeds that are insufficient for their current business needs. Two in five (40%) say their broadband is not good enough for their future needs.

Many businesses wrongly believe that Fibre to the Premises or a leased line are the only way to achieve better broadband. However with exorbitant excess construction charges, problems obtaining wayleaves, and long delays, they can be beyond the reach of many businesses.

CloudcellEQ uses both cellular and if available fixed connections to provide a cost effective, low latency, resilient alternative to fibre or a leased line, backed by an extensive Service Level Agreement … putting better broadband in reach of every business.

Cloudcell Technologies unleash the true potential of businesses of any size, in any location, through better broadband, with CloudcellEQ. Providing enhanced throughput by combining the speed and bandwidth of multiple 4G and fixed ADSL2+ or FTTC, through a VPN, to create a single, jitter-free data stream.

Kevin Boyle, Managing Director, Cloudcell Technologies

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