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Cloudcell Technologies announce the launch of a cost-effective alternative to fibre broadband

Posted on: April 3, 2019 at 10:00 am

Winchester, United Kingdom, 3rd April 2019: Cloudcell Technologies, the recognised leader in delivering highly available, fully managed, enterprise-grade broadband solutions, today announce the launch of a new, cost effective, resilient alternative to fibre broadband.

Many businesses believe that Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is the only way to achieve faster broadband speeds and lower latency. However with excess construction charges rising to as much as £73,000, problems obtaining wayleaves, and long delays, FTTP is beyond the reach of many businesses.

The new service from Cloudcell Technologies exploits the SDWAN capabilities of Cloudcell EQ, to provide a cost-effective fibre alternative by bonding up to 4 LTE connections with two fixed broadband connections. Providing an enterprise-grade broadband service with increased speed, quality of service, and lower latency, without incurring excess construction charges.

Having recently had the new fibre alternative service installed at their offices, Veronique van Broekhoven, Director, Brigantia Ltd, said “Our business requires 24/7 reliable, high-speed connectivity and have historically always used fibre broadband solutions. We are very thankful to Cloudcell for providing our business with fast, reliable, enterprise-grade broadband whilst saving us over £73,000 in excess construction charges for delivery of fibre.”

The new service mitigates the need for businesses to pay excessive construction charges to receive better broadband. The resilient, scalable, fully-managed service uses SD-WAN traffic management to maximise utilisation of the fixed connections, further optimising costs.

“Using our new Cloudcell EQ Fibre Alternative service, resellers are able to drive incremental annuity revenue, and win new business”, commented Kevin Boyle, Managing Director, Cloudcell Technologies, “by providing a cost-effective fibre alternative, that doesn’t involve paying excessive construction charges.”


If you want to know more about Cloudcell EQ Fibre Alternative, please call 03330 049 444 or email Interested in becoming a reseller of our new fibre alternative service? Please visit the reseller’s page on our website.

[cs_text]Cloudcell EQ is the new name for Cloudcell Connect. Cloudcell EQ from Cloudcell Technologies is a fully managed SDWAN based connectivity platform that we exclusively use to provide cost effective, enterprise-grade, 4G and hybrid broadband to businesses, in any location.