PRESS RELEASE: Cloudcell Technologies ‘transforming’ work-from-home connectivity

Posted on: March 16, 2021 at 3:09 pm

Winchester, United Kingdom, 2nd April 2019: Cloudcell Technologies, the recognised leader in delivering highly available, fully managed, enterprise-grade broadband solutions, have been transforming the home-working experience of businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

More people are working from home than ever before due to Covid-19 but there is evidence to show that millions of them suffer from slow, poor quality and unreliable residential broadband. “We are seeing a fundamental shift with customers that urgently need support with poor broadband in residential settings,” said Cloudcell Technologies Managing Director Kevin Boyle.

Many businesses believe that FTTP is the only way to achieve better broadband but with expensive excess construction charges, problems obtaining wayleaves and long delays, FTTP is beyond the reach of many. For them, bringing in a fibre-alternative solution makes sense because they simply cannot operate productively or reliably using their existing home broadband solution.

Cellular broadband offers an alternative solution that exploits the SD-WAN capabilities of Cloudcell EQ, a cost-effective fibre-alternative delivered by bonding up to 4 connections (LTE, LTEA and 5G) with two fixed broadband connections. Offering increased speed, quality of service and lower latency, this is an ideal solution for people currently stuck working from home with poor broadband. “Having had the fibre-alternative service installed at their home offices, some of our channel partners’ customers have given fantastic feedback,” added Boyle.

“Customer Zoom calls had become impossible from home and were starting to make us look unprofessional. However, the Cloudcell EQ Fibre-Alternative solution has instantly solved this problem, transforming my home working experience. I now have reliable, trouble-free calls with clients.”

“Every morning I had to download a large file for my day’s work which would often take until lunchtime to complete. Since the Cloudcell EQ Fibre-Alternative solution has been installed the download is completed by the time I have made my first cup of tea, saving me lots of time and enabling me to respond to my customers more quickly.”

The benefits of using Cloudcell EQ to deliver better connectivity while working from home can be transformative for the customer and channel partner alike. Offering the performance, reliability and resilience needed to run a successful business remotely, while enabling resellers to upsell and cross-sell solutions to both new and existing customers.

Partnering with Cloudcell Technologies allows channel partners to transform their customers’ home working experience while enabling a range of commercial opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that poor broadband should not hold businesses back. Our cellular connectivity solutions offer a range of contract durations that truly put a cost-effective alternative to fibre within the reach of every work-from-home business, of any size, in any location.

Kevin Boyle, Managing Director, Cloudcell Technologies


If you would like to know more about partnering with Cloudcell Technologies to deliver a fast, reliable and cost-effective alternative to fibre with Cloudcell EQ Fibre Alternative, please call 03330 049 444 or send an email to Interested in becoming a reseller of our new fibre alternative service? Please visit the resellers page on our website.

Cloudcell EQ from Cloudcell Technologies is a fully managed SDWAN based connectivity platform that we exclusively use to provide cost effective, enterprise-grade, 4G LTE, LTEA, 5G and hybrid broadband to businesses, in any location.