Highways UK Exhibition

Posted on: November 2, 2023 at 10:50 am

Cloudcell Technologies‘ Finn and James spent a fascinating two-days at the Highways exhibition at the NEC Birmingham last month. Here is a brief overview of their experience.

On day one we got our first taster of the rapidly changing world of infrastructure. The exhibition was populated with numerous exhibitors demonstrating their cutting-edge innovations and digital tools reshaping the construction landscape. We took the opportunity to meet a wide variety of the businesses and discover more about their offering. A common theme that developed across our conversations was how organisations attempted to overcome the challenges of reliable connectivity in environments lacking any connectivity infrastructure.

A very interesting insight we discovered from our numerous discussions was that many pieces of equipment now on the market, including traffic control systems, sensors and surveillance devices, come equipped with integrated modems and a host of complementary features.

Other enlightening conversations focused on the civil engineering space. Here, projects frequently span remote, disconnected areas, and the industry is in dire need of on-site connectivity solutions to enable the operators to access the wealth of digital tools at their disposal, but only via a reliable high-speed connection.

Alongside the array of diverse exhibitors, the exhibition also delivered a collection of fascinating talks and seminars delivered by industry thought leaders. The discussion on digital twins was particularly interesting, offering a glimpse into the industry’s transformation. The prospect of enabling software and products in this fast-evolving landscape was very exciting. Whilst the industry is racing ahead with the idea of implementing robotics, powered by software, on construction sites, it is starkly obvious that the critical infrastructure required for these innovations to thrive is missing – a gap Cloudcell Technologies can help fill.

Cloudcell Technologies exhibits at a number of shows every year already, but so impressed were we with the Highways exhibition that we will certainly be here as an exhibitor next year. It provides valuable insights into the latest technological innovations, keeps us abreast of industry standards and offers a tantalising glimpse into the digital advancements shaping our field. However, arguably the most significant benefit of the show is the opportunity it gives attendees to engage with influential industry leaders. These interactions have provided us with invaluable guidance to help Cloudcell Technologies to support this incredibly important sector as it embraces the vast benefits of digital innovation.