Alliance Communications Case Study

Posted on: February 8, 2024 at 11:49 am

“Cloudcell provided an excellent level of professional support and expertise at the MIPCOM event for our client.”

Miles Watson, Managing Director, Alliance Communications

Alliance Communications / A Leading UK Broadcaster

MIPCOM Is the world’s premier TV program purchasing event. The annual expo attracts over 11,000 delegates from 100 countries into the famed Le Palais des Festivals, in the heart of France’s Cote D’Azur.

Our partner, Alliance Communications, required assistance supporting their customer, a leading UK broadcasting company, who was exhibiting at a state-of-the-art venue for MIPCOM in Cannes. MIPCOM is without a doubt one of the business’ most important revenue-generating events in the calendar year.

With over 320 studios hosting stands at the event, the competition to make a good impression is fierce. Having a high-performance reliable broadband connection is paramount to achieving this.

With no connectivity and a complicated multi-floor layout. Cloudcell flew out to Cannes to deliver a bespoke and fully-managed solution on-site for Alliance’s high-profile customer to ensure the event was a success.

For the event, the broadcasting company constructed their own purpose-built sales pavilion, outside of the exhibition hall, to provide their potential customers with a unique, tailored experience.

The primary challenge was that despite the venue appearing to be state-of-the-art, it did not have any connectivity. As a result, they required a stable and resilient internet connection with WiFi access across the site for the sales staff and wider team.

First, the Cloudcell team undertook a site survey to assess the best way to deliver a solution that met the client’s needs.

The location itself presented a few challenges:

  1. Localised cell flooding
  2. A heavily congested Starlink environment.

To resolve these issues, we employed powerful Poynting directional antennas to gain connectivity from distant cell towers, thereby avoiding the localised congestion.

These 5G connections were then bonded with a Starlink, and appropriately traffic-managed, to deliver a high-quality connection for the duration of the MIPCOM event. Next, to deliver WiFi both inside and out the venue, we utilised a large mesh of access points.

This required significant traffic and channel management due to the large number of users on the network, across the site.

Finally, to ensure everything ran smoothly, a Cloudcell engineer was on-site to support the client throughout the duration of the event.

The event was a great success and the client enjoyed trouble-free high-performance connectivity for all their staff members from start to finish.

“Cloudcell provided an excellent support, expertise and service. Adding value from the initial solution design through to the implementation and ongoing management. Its extremely reassuring to have a reliable partner with expertise in 5G connectivity that truly adds value.”

Miles Watson, Managing Director, Alliance Communications