Thakeham Homes – Yapton Site

Posted on: February 27, 2024 at 2:10 pm

“This is absolutely brilliant compared to what we had before. A super-fast connection which makes doing our jobs so much easier.”

Andy Satchwell, Head of IT, Thakeham Homes

Thakeham Homes, Yapton Site

Cloudcell has been providing Thakeham with their site connectivity in Yapton since September 2022 with a single 4G solution. Yapton is a very large and busy construction site with lots of staff and traffic. The initial connection Cloudcell provided was fine, but as it has grown there have been a number of problems with connectivity at this location due to the poor performance of 4G networks in this area. 

Cloudcell made a number of site visits to adjust the connectivity, change the router and move the solution but this did not resolve the underlying problems. After a number of monthly technical reviews the Cloudcell team came up with a new idea to utilise our Storm 5G solution. Thakeham agreed to upgrade the 4G solution to 5G and since the upgrade the site has consistently delivered excellent service (100 Mbps +).

Prior to the upgrade to 5G at Yapton, the connection could be slow and accessing resources on the Cloud that the whole site staff team needed could be difficult. Connectivity problems were also known to sometimes slow down contractors on-site. With the new connection, the whole Cloud is available in real-time and the Site Manager is extremely happy with the end-result.

“Cloudcell are exceptionally good at their jobs. From account management, to our working relationship with the Technical team, we feel fully-supported every-step of the way. Steve is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and has helped us to innovate new ways of integrating connectivity to grow and support the entire business. I LOVE working with Cloudcell!”

Andy Satchwell, Head of IT, Thakeham Homes