Getting CALA Homes connected with CloudcellEQ

Posted on: January 9, 2022 at 2:57 pm

Transforming remote site communications

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How we helped

Rapid voice and data connectivity from CloudcellEQ to transform remote site communications

Cala Homes, The UK’s most up-market major Home Builder, engaged Cloudcell Technologies to provide a rapid connectivity solution they could rely on 24/7 to communicate with remote sites throughout the UK.

Having deployed a number of site connectivity solutions Cloudcell EQ from Cloudcell Technologies was the first to meet our need for a reliable, fully managed service. Cloudcell EQ delivers rapid connectivity for both voice and data and has transformed our ability to communicate with remote sites across our estate.

Andy Murray, Group IT Director, Cala Homes Group


The Need

CALA Homes needed to find a fast, reliable and cost-effective connectivity solution to ensure they could communicate with a large network of geographically dispersed developments across the UK and provide staff at these locations with the business-grade broadband and voice services needed to ensure a superb level of customer experience.

A high proportion of Cala’s sites were in rural locations, or on the outskirts of established towns and cities, making traditional connectivity services difficult to access. Additionally, when using traditional connectivity services, Cala had experienced major challenges including:

1) Reliability – For remote sites there was often no guarantee of service or quality. During this time Staff regularly had little or no service, and Cala’s IT Department found that connecting remote sites to central office resources, gaining administrative control and offering remote support was problematic.

2) Managing Costs – There was often uncertainty around the cost of installing and using traditional connectivity services for remote sites, with high-costs incurred on a regular basis and a lack of predictability – making controlling and managing costs nearly impossible.

3) Flexibility – Coordinating any physical office or site moves within the same site, or to a new site, was problematic due to untimely delivery of connectivity services and lack of flexibility.

In order to address these business-critical issues for remote sites, Cala needed a connectivity supplier who could offer cost-effective continuity of service alongside a fully-managed solution encompassing predictable costs, flexibility and full visibility for the purposes of control, monitoring and reporting.

The Solution

Cloudcell were challenged with tackling Cala Homes’ most remote and problematic development. CloudcellEQ was deployed at the site as a fully-managed remote broadband solution – delivering the reliability, flexibility and control needed to meet all the connectivity objectives set by Cala for the project, including predictable costs, guaranteed business-grade service, dedicated support and expertise, flexible contract lengths and 100% control for IT – offered through the Cloudcell portal, enabling comprehensive troubleshooting and remote equipment management.Our best-in-class hosted IP telephony services were also deployed running over the LTE network, giving Cala access to geographic numbers local to the sites, and provisioned in advance to enable marketing materials to be produced and circulated ahead of site going live – saving further time and money.

The Benefit

Using CloudcellEQ as a business-grade broadband solution has transformed Cala Homes’ ability to communicate and support remote sites within their UK network, Through our ongoing support, we have helped Cala Homes to roll out our service across their UK developments, resulting in significant cost savings, improved levels of customer service and increased efficiency in terms of supporting sites and central monitoring or reporting.

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