Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Posted on: October 16, 2023 at 11:36 am

Elevating Ticket Scanning with Cloudcell Technologies

“Cloudcell team went above and beyond to ensure our event service went with out a hitch! Nathan, Shuv and the Cloudcell team were professional, knowledgeable and adaptable. Even with additional requirements a day prior to the event the team produced a solution to make sure we were covered. They also remained on site with us to trouble shoot, although nothing occurred due to all the preparation and hard work before the event.

We felt calm and confident knowing that the Cloudcell were on hand. We would 100% recommend Cloudcell to anyone looking for a broadband solution.”

Naomi Easy, Head of Commercial Business Development, Bristol Beacon


Bristol International Balloon Fiesta


The annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta, managed by Bristol Beacon, had been grappling with an issue. The traditional SIM-based scanners used to facilitate ticket scanning in the car parks across multiple event locations were causing bottlenecks. Due to their reliance on low-gain mobile-phone style antennas local to the device, these scanners often faced problems from overpopulated network connections. As they connect to the same cell towers as the masses attending the event, there were frequent disturbances in the form of packet loss, latency issues, and strained bandwidth. The result? A slowed scanning process and, occasionally, an entirely unusable system.


Upon understanding the depth of the problem, Cloudcell Technologies, in partnership with Alliance Communications, was brought in to address the situation. An initial survey led to a game-changing discovery: there existed cellular connections on various networks that didn’t rely on the heavily burdened local cell towers. Using these remote masts, the team at Cloudcell aimed to bypass the issues presented by high footfall during the 4-day fiesta.

To make this a reality, the Cloudcell EQ solution was brought into play. This consisted of:

1. High-end, Dual-Modem Cellular Routers: These routers ensured faster, more reliable connectivity.

2. High-Gain 4×4 MIMO Poynting Antennas: Deployed at each car parking location, they were designed to enhance the signal strength and ensure optimal reception.

3. Bonded Connections: Every location had two modems, each establishing a connection that was bonded together over a private VPN. This not only increased the speed and efficiency of the network but also offered resilience against potential issues.

4. External Meshed Ubiquiti WiFi Access Points: These were strategically placed to provide every scanning location with stable, ‘clean’ connectivity, tailored explicitly for the ticket scanning devices.


The results spoke for themselves. With an engineering team on standby throughout the event, the car parking operations ran seamlessly. There were no hitches in ticket scanning, leading to a smooth inflow and outflow of visitors. Everyone attending the fiesta could enjoy the stunning balloon displays over the Ashton Court estate without any delays or issues during their entry or exit. Once again, the Cloudcell Technologies and Alliance Communication partnership proved to be a success, showcasing the potential of innovative solutions in enhancing event experiences.