Site connectivity for ultimate peace of mind – Thakeham Homes

Posted on: June 9, 2023 at 9:43 am

Fully managed construction site connectivity for ultimate peace of mind

“Cloudcell are professional, friendly, and always go above and beyond to deliver. We trust them to manage the whole connectivity service for sites on our behalf. From beginning to end the customer service and support is simply amazing!”

Andrew Satchwell, Head of IT, Thakeham Homes


Thakeham Homes, residential property developers in the South East, England.


Thakeham Homes are one of the South East’s leading developers delivering private residential development and quality affordable homes, all with a strong focus on community, family and well-being.


Prior to engaging with Cloudcell, Thakeham Homes had been using a provider that simply wasn’t delivering on time. The site solution consisted of an MPLS circuit with a BT line – this caused lots of delays and was having a big impact on site delivery.

They trialed the use of their own 4G Vodafone solution, which worked on some sites, but was limited to sites covered by this carrier and was a time-consuming process managing all the routers and SIMs. Thakeham required a fully managed connectivity solution that would provide reliable, day-one connectivity to a variety of construction sites across the South of England.


The first step in identifying the best solution to Thakeham’s challenges was to survey the location so that we could give the client a concrete idea of the performance levels they could expect before we deployed their solution.

Once the client was assured that they would get the connectivity and speeds they needed, the Cloudcell engineers undertook a thorough test of all the networks at the planned location for the welfare cabins.

Following this, our engineers installed a collection of solutions:

– Cellular internet connectivity

– Fixed IP remote access to the clients DVR (CCTV recorder)

– WiFi Access points to provide additional WiFi coverage in their offices

Once installed, tests were run and a fully supported and managed service was implemented across their sites.


We were able to deliver a fast and reliable connectivity solution from day-one which is now available across all Thakeham sites, with ultimate peace of mind built-in with our fully managed service. Our on-site connectivity support team took full responsibility for the delivery and management of the solution, enabling Thakeham to focus on the what they do best, knowing their much-needed connectivity was in place.

“I now don’t have to do a lot! Having the solution fully managed is easier, quicker, and delivers a better service for our sites. I know if there is a problem Cloudcell are just an email or phone call away and can solve any issues without me having to go to site. Cloudcell have taken a huge headache away from what I had before and made my life a lot easier!”

Andrew Satchwell, Head of IT, Thakeham Homes