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Cloudcell Technologies launch new connectivity uptime protection and business continuity solution for resellers

Posted on: October 29, 2018 at 12:01 am
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Winchester, United Kingdom, 29th October 2018: Research published by OFCOM shows that each year, nearly half of all SMEs experience a complete or intermittent broadband outage, or an unacceptable deterioration in performance. At least a third report disruption lasting longer than one day. Additional OFCOM research also shows that the current approach to business continuity adopted by SMEs, a second fixed connection, is fundamentally flawed. The second connection is typically provided using the same Openreach infrastructure and subject to the same issues at the same time.

“They’re reselling a BT service ultimately, or Openreach service, but they would have the same issues with network, you’d just be paying a bit less for the same thing, and that’s not what we want; we want something that’s better.”

[Ofcom Respondent Belfast]

“I think at the moment the industry has got a problem because most of the providers are still piggybacking on the same network. So it’s BT at its heart [even] if you’re going down the Virgin fibre line. That’s what it is.”

[Ofcom Respondent Birmingham]

In the likely event of an outage or an unacceptable deterioration in the performance of the primary connection, the CloudcellConnect platform provides a completely independent uptime protection and business continuity solution, by automatically routing data over 4G networks until the primary connection recovers.

Resellers are therefore able to ensure their customers have continuous access to their products, help them switch between traditional connectivity providers, as well as maintaining general employee productivity, and preserving business critical operations, such as sales order management and payment processing, from less than £1 per day plus any data consumed during an outage.

“CloudcellConnect resellers are able to drive incremental annuity revenue, win new business and reduce lead-time to revenue”, commented Kevin Boyle, Managing Director, Cloudcell Technologies, “by providing a truly independent business continuity solution, from as little as £1 per day.”

If you would like to know more about this or any of our other reseller opportunities, please call Cloudcell Technologies on 03330 049 444 or email us at You can also discover more by visiting our updated reseller page.​